Nadal 2° prov. Perpignan '08

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  News: Latest Gyselbrecht-Madeira information
  We will write down our news facts here.
  Auction Gyselbrecht-Madeira
November 17th at 12:00 in Deerlijk (B)
  The best Narbonne Team of Belgium!
2nd, 3rd and 10th best over 3 years! 3rd, 8th, 9th, 12th and 38th best over 2 years!
  Narbonne Team 2011 & 2012
4 grandsons Le Limoges
  Tulle National 2012
20th, 28th, 36th, 58th national
  4th best pigeon of Belgium on 4 LD races
3rd Prov. Acepigeon LD KBDB W-VL 2011
  Narbonne Team 2011
4x top 100 national!
  1st Cahors
with son Rudi x Bliksemduivin
  Supercrack Antoine
Again 1st on Chateauroux
  1st on Souillac & 2nd on Tulle
12th nat ZA Souillac & 26th nat ZA Tulle
  5th International Narbonne 13.779 d.
4 in the top 100 national!
  New in breeding loft : Super Pedro
3 x top 70 on a national race!
  New in breeding loft : Jens (De Saer A & R)
1st prov. ace pigeon KBDB sprint 09, 2nd prov. ace pigeon KBDB middle long distance 06
  New photos online!
See overview breeding pigeons.
  New photos online!
See overview breeding pigeons.
  Chinese Article Gyselbrecht Madeira
Photos will be added soon
  1st en 2nd national Montelimar at Bourlard with Gyselbrecht origine
Latest photos
  Super Pedro
A. & R. De Saer again top on national race from Souillac!
  Again a top result on Perpignan : "Contador" wins 1° prov., 10° nat. and 12° internat.
01-08-09 : Again a top result on Perpignan in 2009 :
  Some results
in 2010
  1st and 2nd national Montelimer at Boulard with Gyselbrecht origin
Montélimar 2010
  James Bond" wins 12° nat. Brive tegen 16.813 d.!
from Brother Figo x 00-411 L. Van den bossche
  Good start 2010
Some results
  Excellent season for Dr.David Barros Madeira
  7°, 25° & 105° nat. Perpignan 08 against 7.603 p.
02-08-08 : A fantastic result on the international race from Perpignan!
  2nd national Narbonne 2008 at the loft of Opsomer Jose & Nic in Maarke-Kerkem
Gomaar Narbonne wins at the loft of Opsomer the 2nd national and 7th international Narbonne 2008
  1st & 2nd national Narbonne 2008 against 6.843 p. with Gyselbrecht origin!
1st national Narbonne 2008 at the loft of Bourlard Père & Fils in Harveng
  New on our stock loft: Le Limoges
1 nat. Limoges 12.266 p.


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Contador 1° prov. Perpignan '09

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